Monday, December 5, 2016

Breakfast at Epiphany's

Here's to my semi-annual quandary as to why I even bother blogging. So much for 2016.

But I am renewed and gosh darn if I didn't go and meet people for real this time. I did! I really did! I re-entered the social world in real life. I joined a local polymer clay guild. It consists of a small group of fantastically creative and friendly ladies (and a few guys) but mostly ladies. It has truly brought joy back into my life via my favorite medium in the world and in the company of fellow clayers. Polymer clay. Yep. Nothing quite like it. It's bizarre. I feel like I've known these people for longer than I actually have.

So I have a new project and creative goal I want to "write in stone". Inspired by Lisa Pavelka's  Carmex lids, I recently become obsessed with Altoid tins. What started out as a handy tin to store my pin drill, bits and blades and a few other small supplies became  a surface to cover in clay!  So I did.  Then I found more empty ones (I apparently favor the cinnamon ones)  and covered a few more at a recent clay day with the guild. I think I'm hooked.  Then..... when a few people offered their stashes I had quite the epiphany.  Why can't I do a 52 week Altoid Tin Challenge for 2017?!

           So there it is.  Of all my goals for this year- (or lack of obtaining them)v I think rejoining humanity (despite it's bumps) was definitely a big one to accomplish and therefore setting the stage for an even better 2017. Who know's what in store?