Saturday, February 27, 2016

What is this space?

     Well- quite a few months have flown by since my last post. I have survived another winter in the Pacific Northwest. Yay!  The winter is not without it's dark days. We lost our beloved elderly cat to kidney disease. Our house is a lot quieter now- he was definitely a mouth piece.  Life seems to go on regardless. I think I've definitely stayed more creative this winter - I attribute that to swaps.  My polymer clay creativity seems to ebb and flow based on my neck and back issues.

     I don't think I can use the excuse of we've just moved since it's been 2 years. But I have to acknowledge  that my creative space is my detriment right now. Okay- so many months ago I found my den/art studio/creative space/ hobby room/ really anything but a craft room- downright  overwhelming. I think it's the layout. I need an ergonomical solution- I'm thinking one normal desk and one elevated one I can stand at.  I also think it's the over cubicle-ized-ness of the IKEA  Expedit furniture from many years ago. But it's not working. I hate being in there. So I pulled everything out- it had become a dumping ground. Disorderly at that. Well- I pulled everything out thinking a clean palette would help. My desk is still cleaned off. Nope- doesn't help at.all. I got sick in December and then the holidays struck and then I moved to the dining table.  I still have boxes of everything I pulled out of my room- in my front hallway. Yikes. I'm in clutter overload.  It's all art paraphernalia. *sigh*  I don't feel I need to purge anything because I got rid of SO MUCH when we moved and had stuff in storage and then got rid of more when we cleaned that out. But I want to simplify.

     But how do you simplify when your interests are wide?  I love papercrafts- stamps, inks, papers, oh my.  But I also love mixed media and art journaling-acrylics, watercolors, markers- it doesn't end!! As well as polymer clay, jewelry, altered stuff... There's so much cross over!! HOLY CRAP!!!   I'm not a one medium creative. That's for damn sure!

    I don't believe in traditional New Year's resolutions.  But I DO have goals. I failed last year in my creative endeavors when my neck and back issues flared up. They left me frustrated and helpless. If you can't sit at a desk and fiddle or create- what else is there?  Luckily I got the pain managed with the help of my chiropractor.  I need to learn better time management skills- no marathon creative sessions because that exacerbates said neck/back pain. But this year- while December sucked horribly- the new year hasn't been too excruciating.

My goals- such as they are:

1.) Time management

2.) Tweak creative space for aesthetics and ergonomics... Form and Function.

3.) Creative pursuits-
    a.)More polymer clay- I can't deny it's my one true love- has been for over 20 years.

    b.)Painting- watercoloring and acrylic (take the damn class already)

    c.)Calligraphy, typography, decorative lettering- I've always been drawn to this- why not?

4.) Socialize!!! As much I prefer my dog to humans- I need to seek out some form of creative group in moderation.

5.) Weekly or at least bi-monthly blog post.

So that's where I am.

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