Friday, June 19, 2015

Getting back in the swing of things!

      Hopefully this post will get me back to regular blogging.  I had been a bit derailed to a recurring pinched nerve in my neck/back and into my left arm. But I do believe with the help of an amazing chiropractor... I am on the path of NEVER experiencing that again. Oh and the only reason it was recurring is because once the pain was manageable- I stopped going. This time I've kept going and have seen further improvements in my lower back and am amazed how good I feel. Which just improves my overall attitude. It also makes me realize how much pain I was dealing with and how it affected pretty much every aspect of my life.  I've had to really pick and choose my creative therapy since I had a limited time before the pain overwhelmed me. But I'm doing so much better. I'm working on making my desk a bit more ergonomic and that should also help.
     Then we went on vacation last week to Baltimore/DC and it was HAWT!!! Having acclimated to my state of Washington for the last 10 years I am a complete pansy when it comes to anything over 70° with that hot orb baring down.  It was waaaaay too hot for this girl. I have not sweated so much just standing there doing nothing in probably 10 years!

       I will share my most recent project. This was for a swap on my favorite art charm group. The theme being "Traveling with Friends".   It was based on your state or city...  Seattle is sooooo much more interesting than anything else I could have fashioned so I went with the coffee theme. I lucked out and had found a state die at Impress stamps - and then used it on shrink plastic after stamping my image and punching a hole. I then made a coffee bean out of polymer clay. Assembled it all with a few glitzy baubles and Voila!

      The altered tag is a couple of tags glued together. One of which I textured with a Tim Holtz Sizzix folder and inked up. The front I applied an additional piece of scrapbook paper which I had stamped with an image from Impress Stamps. All the stamps I used were from at least 10 years ago and may not be available, however I do know they always have some amazing Seattle themed stamps of some sort, as well as skyline dies.  The location I frequent is the one in Tukwila and lemme just say... it's an AMAZING store. Always chock full of current samples and boatloads of inspiration. They seem to keep an active class calendar too. I love them not only because it's one of the few stamp stores left, but because they also have their own line of product as well as carrying local artists stamps and product lines.  It's probably a good thing they are just far enough away to not be a regular visit. HA! 

     As for vacation...
Here is a photo montage from a surprisingly interesting item my history/architecture loving husband dragged me too. Okay- so it was clean, air conditioned which was fine by me!  This is the Basilica of the National Shrine of Immaculate Conception.  Stunning, beautiful and Byzantine inspired- what a site to behold!


That's it for now.  

Happy Weekend!!!

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