Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 PCC Week 13

    Spring has sprung. The forest is full of fiddleheads popping up. Soon the brown wilted emptiness will be overrun with foliage and all things become green and Spring. Yay!!!  So ready for Spring and warmer weather.   Here's a pic line up of my last week- a walk in the woods to view the mountain, the ferns as well as a shot of Seattle buildings from Pioneer Square from my Saturday outing with the husband. (which is quite scary anytime after 6pm). (Pioneer Square, not the husband) *wink*

    Did I mention I'm so glad it's Spring?

Here are my pieces for this week.

    The little book is a for a Fairy Garden swap on my favorite group. I still have to alter the matchbox it's supposed to go in, but I am finally pleased with the prototype of my book.   Once I complete the swap, I hope to have a small picture tutorial of how I created them.

     The bottom picture is proof I've been reading some of Christi Friesen's books.I still can't embrace the way she marbles/blends the clay and looks so... well... Christi Friesen. But I'm definitely enjoying her style.  Well... flower-like pod thingies WERE on my list of things to achieve. I used a daisy cutter to create these. I flattened them in the palm of my hand using my ball tool. Stuck a blob of clay in the middle to fold the leaves up onto and added the center part. I used some chalks on them as well. The pod thingies are the only clay. The other stuff is lucite or plastic flowers,glass beads and metal. 

     There you have it... Week 13.

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