Friday, February 20, 2015

Week 7 Polymer Clay Challenge

     I had several thinks in the works... the covered pen I made turned out horrible, at least it won't disappear from the table in my entryway. HA! So I moved on...

   I attempted to make the latest canine figure from Kater's Acres tutorials.  Well- I tried to make my dog.  The likeness promptly went out the window the further I went. I won't give up on this one- it was too fun to not attempt another. I then tried to *age* him by adding paint. HA! Again- it's my first attempt in MANY years at this kind of thing. I hesitate to share, he's not the quality or craftsmanship I would prefer. It's all about marking progress.  I did use Souffle on him and will say it's an okay clay for this kind of thing.  Here he is...

yeah... weekend... *sigh*

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