Friday, February 13, 2015

Week 6 Polymer Clay Challenge

So it's week 6 and I'm still gettin' it done.  This weeks project is using the Holo Effect tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree.  Pure awesomeness.   I've just licked the tip of the iceberg here. I have several of her tutorials. All good- excellent photos and step by step process.  Yes I'm still missing my battery charger. Yes it's still gray outside... mostly.

     Here's another project I am working on. The tutorials at Kater's Acres are just plain fun. If you subscribe to the club you can participate in the member challenge using January and February's tutorials.  This is Guillaume. I made him using one of Katie's tutorials. He was a lot of fun to make. 

     Then for a bit of a change here are a few of my photos I took when I went over to Vashon Island earlier this week with a few friends. Strangely there were a lot of sheep farms all over the place... I guess that's not strange. But quite a few. I didn't take pictures of the sheep but I did take photos of the beautiful lighthouse at Pt. Robinson Park. The driftwood was so awesome. You could tell someone had fun building driftwood forts. Vashon is interesting to say the least. Definitely would go back without a doubt. I can't believe I haven't been in the nearly 10 years I've lived in Washington.  The park at the lighthouse is at is absolutely gorgeous. 

     Yes- these photos were taken on my phone and filtered up on Instagram. I'm addicted. 

Happy Friday!


  1. Be still my heart! Isn't that little "dog"? cute?? Love it. Great job! Glad your back too!

    1. *ahem* THAT's A SHEEP!!! I'm glad to be back. :D and the weekly motivation and blog post is helpful too. Now to slowly add back in a few favorite things. Spring is on the horizon. :D