Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 5 - 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

 So I still have a stash of old clay... I mean oooooold clay. Like 10 years if not more. It's Sculpey III too.  (insert tsk tsk)  Yes- crap clay from years ago. Hey- when you don't know any better... meh. I also have 10 year old Kato clay that is crumbly as a cracker. My goal is to use it as much as possible.   So anyhow- I had some Sculpey III translucent and figured what the heck have I got to lose? Um... NOTHING!!! NADA! ZIP! GOOSE EGG!   So I added some alcohol inks and blended them, then proceeded to make a chrysanthemum cane. Aside from a yucky brown color which was I think 'Raisin'... it's okay. The pink is too bright and combined with the green, it looks too Christmas-y and I'm so over Christmas.  But it was fun and now I have one less block of Sculpey III.
 Here's the one photo...

Yeah... still taking photos with my phone... Ugh...  My battery charger for our camera is officially MIA...  *frowny face*   Haven't seen it since September. Might be in the lost and found somewhere in Vancouver Canada...   You know the stinker of the situation? the second I order a new one- it will show up. I just know it.  *sigh* 

Happy February!

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