Sunday, February 1, 2015

Pavelka Project - January Challenge

So... I'm not only doing the 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge, but I'm also participating in  the Pavelka Project over at Kater's Acres.
  January's  challenge was the "Suspended Crystal" pendant as well as the Valentine's Themed Carmex Topper.

    I made several versions of the suspended crystal pendant, but oddly still ended up submitting the first one I did. Meh... I did it- but it's not my favorite one. But I did it!

 The Valentine's themed Carmex Topper though- was my absolute favorite!!! It was totally last minute. I was thinking I would have to forfeit.  But I had recently been inspired by little vintage campers and it totally morphed into the topper.   Slightly more dimensional than my first version of campers (previous post). I'm definitely not done with campers yet. :D

 First up is the Suspended Crystal Pendant...

Secondly we have the Valentine's Themed Carmex topper. A peek at the process...

Here's the actual topper...

Yeah... I really need to find the battery charger for my real camera. That and it needs to stop being gray or night outside when I am actually ready to take photos... HA! Oh yeah... I'm in Washington!

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  1. I love the crystal pendent. I like the shape and color. Looks like your most happy doing poly and you definitely do nice work. Miss ya.