Friday, January 2, 2015

Week One Polymer Clay Challenge

Here it is..  my first weeks challenge.  It's weird how this one came about. I had planned on taking the full first week to work on something.
     So the back story to the inspiration on this piece is interesting and I love how it all came together.  Or at least to me it is. It starts with it being the holiday season and 3 of my dearest of best friends always end up back in my hometown. In the years that we don't fly back- we  Skype on New Year's Eve or depending on plans- New Year's Day. This year it was New Year's Day.  Not knowing when exactly- I head out to Michael's because I had really wanted to pick up some silver leaf to have on hand for this challenge. I had always wanted to try this technique as well. The foil on pc with alcohol inks applied technique has always appealed to me.  So I'm at the store- my friend texts me they are all gathered- so I get my leafing and head home. We always open our gifts together. (awwww.... how sweet)  I received 3 beautiful pieces of jewelry and one of them is a dichroic glass pendant. BOOM!  While what I created is not specifically faux anything, It's such a pretty pendant and the fact that I had bought the leafing... had the inspiration piece...  I could hardly focus to talk to my friends... (mostly kidding) All I could think about was the silver leafing. I HAD to make something... like right as soon as we got done Skyping.   So this piece was created.

   I tried several colors. But I also wanted to use the envelopes I had been making for Valentine's Day. I wasn't 100% sure it meshed well. The aged look of the envelope charm with the shininess of the red and black. Meh... I like it. I finished it. To me that's all that mattered. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.  I have dabbled inconsistently in polymer clay for 20 years. I sincerely miss the days where I just create and keep going and see where it takes me.  Not to bad. Now I just have to juggle that with the other aspects- like sealing it correctly.  oy...

   Not a bad start... not a bad start at all.

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