Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 4 - 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

     I had actually thought this week was going to be a wash...nothing seemed to be motivating me.  I had been diligently writing, doodling and sketching ideas and inspiration as they came in my sketch book. Which I've kept with me since the beginning of the year!  Even with the detailed list I posted- I'm finding even more ideas I want to try with clay. It's AMAZING how if you commit to it- it really does make a HUGE difference in the flow of creativity. It's just so fascinating with what triggers some creative tangent. I highly recommend keeping something on your person at all times to capture all the random ideas. Anyhow... even though I was coming up short this week- it hit me literally at the last minute. :D
    I have a couple of dear friends who keep discussing going camping (once the weather warms up of course). Then we get to talking about vintage tear drop campers, glamping, etc. (we would be "roughing it in a large cabin tent, not a trailer")   I absolutely love the sweetness of the little vintage campers that are EVERYWHERE nowadays. With the bright feminine color palettes, the little buntings and awnings. I had a light bulb go off. MAKE ONE out OF CLAY!!! For now- it's just the small flat version- eventually I'd like to move on to dimensional charm.  So I jumped on Pinterest and pinned a bazillion photos for inspiration. *swoon* Then I started sketching them out.  Here is my peek at my process...

So one tip- I had sketched my little campers out and then reduced it on my printer/copier. (geesh- talk about Rocket science) lol

Once I got the size I wanted- I cut them out and used them as a template on my clay, then used a small ball tool and needle to impress the details. Very stylized and simple.  Then I tried various things. I knew I wanted to try painting them verses creating out of colored polymer, because the color palettes would have been more versatile. I baked them and then I painted them and was not happy... so I thought I could sand off the color... Then it hit me!  So that is where I am right now... the paint stayed in the deeper crevices.... DUH!!I then used my Prismas to color in the body. Wow... I will have to try using colored pencils more often. Talk about goes on like buttah. Especially the sanded smooth surface. Obviously these are just the first generation.  But I was pretty excited and then I realized it was midnight.  oy... too much fun!

It's kinda wood block-esque... which makes me want to CARVE A STAMP!!! OH MY GAWSH!!!
Which I could then USE ON CLAY.... SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

Stay tuned for week 5!!!!

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