Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 2 Polymer Clay Challenge

 Soooo... while I didn't actually finish my beads into a completed piece of jewelry. I did get a firm grasp on a fabulous tutorial.  I absolutely love the Rustic Bead tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree. Really, though- all her tutorials are great. This is just the tutorial I've had the longest and wanted to have fun.
      I actually have several goes at this - let's just say the dark wet gray days of a Washington winter are NOT inspiring. Also- while it's not a hard tutorial, it did take a few attempts to get what I had in my head. Maybe that's just me?  Between the dark dreary days and choosing a dark base clay and paints- they looked like crap.  After several experimentations- I am absolutely stoked about these. I did find it hilarious that the color I was wearing must have had a subliminal affect on the paints I chose. I was wearing a dark purple-y lavender shirt when I painted these last night. lol

     I think these beads remind me of Necco wafer colors... or more seasonally speaking- Valentine's Day conversation hearts...

 Here they are...

 I have yet to even drill holes in them. I'm still just so excited they aren't dark and dreary like my first batch, which will never see the light of day. lol

So much fun. So yeah- while these weren't the only things I worked on this week... I am very pleased with them...and their Necco Wafer color palette. :D

Happy Friday!!!    

GO HAWKS!!!  Ack!  er... I mean  GO  TEAM CHEESE!   (how can I NOT cheer for the land of cheese team?) 

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