Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge - A more comprehensive list

I have been wanting to post a more detailed list of what I want to accomplish during this year long challenge. I've made something every week, but week 4 was more last minute than I had hoped.  Since the new year began,  I've been keeping my sketch book with me 24/7 and have been writing or sketching as things come to me. It's been very useful.

     Here's my current list so far... obviously not intended in any order-

1)Hot air balloon
3.)something using colored pencils
4.)make a pendant the shape of my state (I saw that on Pinterest)
5.)Cactus/ succulents (I'm in love with succulents, just ask all the hens and chicks on my back porch)
6.)Zodiac (I have always loved the look of the Zodiacs in constellations)
7.)Little teapots (years ago I used to cross stitch and had patterns for teapots with all sorts of seasonal themes. I LOVEd them. I Love Tea, I love teapots.)
7.*Fairy Garden Items (doors, toadstools,  etc)
9.)Vessel Pendants (Donna Kato inspired of course!)
10.)Pod head pens (I think between Blue Bottle Tree and Christi Friesen I'm covered for inspiration)
11.)Poppies... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Poppies! I want to make a cane as well as a more dimensional version
12.)Covered Pens
13.) Wings either all polymer clay with wire or not
14.)Flowers (stylized and realistic):
Lavender- I fell in love with lavender at the Sequim Lavender festival, plus I have tons of pictures!
15.)Cat/Dog pendant - thinking along the lines of a paw print(for the pet lover)
16.)Stamped image Image (carved my own stamps- I want to stamp them and color in with chalks and color pencils)
17.)Stamped Word Pendant- and oldie but a goody and I have tons of rubber stamps
18.)Mini Birds
19.) Mini Monsters
20.)Clay embroidery
21.)Surface Effects
22.)Faux Gemstones
23.)Doming beads on a light bulb
24.) Butterfly
28.) Little Houses
29.)a charm with a dangle
30.) Patterns with image transfers
32.)Art Deco inspired
33.) Art Nouveau inspired
34.)small insects
35.) actually utilize the tutorials I've purchased (Blue Bottle Tree- Rustic, Faux Glass and Holo                Effects,  as well as the character figures from Katers Acres.
36.) Incorporate resin or other mixed media into finished pieces
37.) carved clay  (how could I forget this one?!)

Phew! I think I'm good for now... Now THAT got the juices flowing.

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