Saturday, January 31, 2015

Week 4 - 2015 Polymer Clay Challenge

     I had actually thought this week was going to be a wash...nothing seemed to be motivating me.  I had been diligently writing, doodling and sketching ideas and inspiration as they came in my sketch book. Which I've kept with me since the beginning of the year!  Even with the detailed list I posted- I'm finding even more ideas I want to try with clay. It's AMAZING how if you commit to it- it really does make a HUGE difference in the flow of creativity. It's just so fascinating with what triggers some creative tangent. I highly recommend keeping something on your person at all times to capture all the random ideas. Anyhow... even though I was coming up short this week- it hit me literally at the last minute. :D
    I have a couple of dear friends who keep discussing going camping (once the weather warms up of course). Then we get to talking about vintage tear drop campers, glamping, etc. (we would be "roughing it in a large cabin tent, not a trailer")   I absolutely love the sweetness of the little vintage campers that are EVERYWHERE nowadays. With the bright feminine color palettes, the little buntings and awnings. I had a light bulb go off. MAKE ONE out OF CLAY!!! For now- it's just the small flat version- eventually I'd like to move on to dimensional charm.  So I jumped on Pinterest and pinned a bazillion photos for inspiration. *swoon* Then I started sketching them out.  Here is my peek at my process...

So one tip- I had sketched my little campers out and then reduced it on my printer/copier. (geesh- talk about Rocket science) lol

Once I got the size I wanted- I cut them out and used them as a template on my clay, then used a small ball tool and needle to impress the details. Very stylized and simple.  Then I tried various things. I knew I wanted to try painting them verses creating out of colored polymer, because the color palettes would have been more versatile. I baked them and then I painted them and was not happy... so I thought I could sand off the color... Then it hit me!  So that is where I am right now... the paint stayed in the deeper crevices.... DUH!!I then used my Prismas to color in the body. Wow... I will have to try using colored pencils more often. Talk about goes on like buttah. Especially the sanded smooth surface. Obviously these are just the first generation.  But I was pretty excited and then I realized it was midnight.  oy... too much fun!

It's kinda wood block-esque... which makes me want to CARVE A STAMP!!! OH MY GAWSH!!!
Which I could then USE ON CLAY.... SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

Stay tuned for week 5!!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

2015 Polymer Clay Challenge - A more comprehensive list

I have been wanting to post a more detailed list of what I want to accomplish during this year long challenge. I've made something every week, but week 4 was more last minute than I had hoped.  Since the new year began,  I've been keeping my sketch book with me 24/7 and have been writing or sketching as things come to me. It's been very useful.

     Here's my current list so far... obviously not intended in any order-

1)Hot air balloon
3.)something using colored pencils
4.)make a pendant the shape of my state (I saw that on Pinterest)
5.)Cactus/ succulents (I'm in love with succulents, just ask all the hens and chicks on my back porch)
6.)Zodiac (I have always loved the look of the Zodiacs in constellations)
7.)Little teapots (years ago I used to cross stitch and had patterns for teapots with all sorts of seasonal themes. I LOVEd them. I Love Tea, I love teapots.)
7.*Fairy Garden Items (doors, toadstools,  etc)
9.)Vessel Pendants (Donna Kato inspired of course!)
10.)Pod head pens (I think between Blue Bottle Tree and Christi Friesen I'm covered for inspiration)
11.)Poppies... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Poppies! I want to make a cane as well as a more dimensional version
12.)Covered Pens
13.) Wings either all polymer clay with wire or not
14.)Flowers (stylized and realistic):
Lavender- I fell in love with lavender at the Sequim Lavender festival, plus I have tons of pictures!
15.)Cat/Dog pendant - thinking along the lines of a paw print(for the pet lover)
16.)Stamped image Image (carved my own stamps- I want to stamp them and color in with chalks and color pencils)
17.)Stamped Word Pendant- and oldie but a goody and I have tons of rubber stamps
18.)Mini Birds
19.) Mini Monsters
20.)Clay embroidery
21.)Surface Effects
22.)Faux Gemstones
23.)Doming beads on a light bulb
24.) Butterfly
28.) Little Houses
29.)a charm with a dangle
30.) Patterns with image transfers
32.)Art Deco inspired
33.) Art Nouveau inspired
34.)small insects
35.) actually utilize the tutorials I've purchased (Blue Bottle Tree- Rustic, Faux Glass and Holo                Effects,  as well as the character figures from Katers Acres.
36.) Incorporate resin or other mixed media into finished pieces
37.) carved clay  (how could I forget this one?!)

Phew! I think I'm good for now... Now THAT got the juices flowing.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Week 3 Polymer Clay Challenge

  Here is this weeks items for the Weekly Polymer Clay Challenge:

First up we have a little corked glass bottle I covered with clay.  You can't really see it but the brown I covered the bottle with was a striated cane of different browns. Next, I put some branches/vines and some flowers I cut I with my new cutters. I lightly dusted everything with bronze mica powder, baked and sealed with Liquitex Satin. My intentions are to wrap the neck with wire to hang as a wish bottle from my window or shelf.

  Next I have a heart pendant that was supposed to be a bird. Yeah, how did that happen. Well in my rediscovery of clay I've found I enjoy creating the piece and then painting it.  I bought a large brick of Sculpey Premo! clay in white for my painted creations, but find it extremely mushy.  I was attempting to make a blob bird from the Christi Friesen "Birds" book.  It morphed into a large heart, since I do love hearts and Valentine's Day in general- I just went with it.  It is painted with acrylics and sealed with Liquitex Satin varnish. I love this shade of purple, not sure why. I also had some leftover flowers. It makes me happy. I might even make a purse charm out of it. I call it my little Heartnado.

Until next week...

Friday, January 16, 2015

Week 2 Polymer Clay Challenge

 Soooo... while I didn't actually finish my beads into a completed piece of jewelry. I did get a firm grasp on a fabulous tutorial.  I absolutely love the Rustic Bead tutorial from The Blue Bottle Tree. Really, though- all her tutorials are great. This is just the tutorial I've had the longest and wanted to have fun.
      I actually have several goes at this - let's just say the dark wet gray days of a Washington winter are NOT inspiring. Also- while it's not a hard tutorial, it did take a few attempts to get what I had in my head. Maybe that's just me?  Between the dark dreary days and choosing a dark base clay and paints- they looked like crap.  After several experimentations- I am absolutely stoked about these. I did find it hilarious that the color I was wearing must have had a subliminal affect on the paints I chose. I was wearing a dark purple-y lavender shirt when I painted these last night. lol

     I think these beads remind me of Necco wafer colors... or more seasonally speaking- Valentine's Day conversation hearts...

 Here they are...

 I have yet to even drill holes in them. I'm still just so excited they aren't dark and dreary like my first batch, which will never see the light of day. lol

So much fun. So yeah- while these weren't the only things I worked on this week... I am very pleased with them...and their Necco Wafer color palette. :D

Happy Friday!!!    

GO HAWKS!!!  Ack!  er... I mean  GO  TEAM CHEESE!   (how can I NOT cheer for the land of cheese team?) 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Words to fly by...

             I've never claimed to be an academic, an intellectual, artistically talented, fashion forward,  definitely not mathematically inclined, but I do know I'm genuine and the best authentic me there will ever be. I'm not good at hiding my emotions. I try to focus on being kind over anything, which is my biggest challenge and I fail at this miserably, probably more inwardly than outwardly. I shy away from conflict, but that doesn't do any good because there are people who tend to go out their way to push your buttons when all you want to do is be left alone to do your thing. Reminds me of my niece- when she was 2 or 3, she would say 'You're getting on my last nerb"... Bah ha ha ha  so cute.  Wonder where she learned that? She's now in her early 20's. :D
    I'm a loner, an introvert, a reader, but God knows I'm not "well read" according to the "academics". I have no patience for Shakespeare or Brontë sisters.  I have one dear friend that jokes it's offensive because I've never watched "The Sound of Music".  Meh.. one day perhaps if the mood strikes me.   I often choose a book by it's cover and/ or title!  Although I love to read and learn. I don't think that paid institutional education is the only way to get a "higher education".  I'm a late bloomer in all aspects.. I can read people very well, I try not to judge, definitely not out loud. At the end of the day I try to grant people the grace that I could only hope I would be given. I fail at this miserably. I just don't like people. They are nosy, arrogant, assholes who think they are entitled to tell you how to live your life.  Sometimes I wanna yell-  "Are you judging me because I'm different from you? Or are you lashing out because YOU are different from ME and can't overcome that different is good in your sadly conformist life?"  
      I sometimes get so excited about something, whether it's an art project or a recipe... I often rush the process and end up with less than desirable results... but I won't give up. I just learn from it and keep on going... DO OVER!!!    PLOT TWIST!!!!   
  Bottom line is that life is too fucking short to give a flying fig newton what other people think. In the end- it's YOU that has to account for yourself. YOUR reaction.  (okay- this is for a "friend")  I'm writing this for a "friend". A virtual cheer, if you will...  *wink*
Fuck the people who try to make your genuine reaction to their shitty action the bigger deal. Those people don't like to know we were hurt by their actions, they don't like that "icky guilt" feeling I'm guessing? They just happen to be masters at hiding it by achieving asshole status.  We all know those people, right?  Yeah? Well Fuck them. Don't even get me started on the trolls on the web who hide behind the anonymity of the internet.  They are miserable assholes that probably need more fiber in their diet. Because guess what?  I'm HUMAN And NOT perfect!!!! WHAT?!!!!
    My mantra for the year 2015 is this...  " It is sometimes better to be Kind than right".   I shall strive to do my best, and probably fail miserably on the inside.  This also pairs well with "Do no Harm, Take no shit".    Probably redundant, but appropriate for various things. 
          I definitely believe as far as people in your life- four quarters are mostly sometimes better than a 100 pennies... Unless you are on vacation and like to squish pennies as mementos and do in fact need both 2 quarters and 1 penny. I've been hoarding pre-1985 pennies like a mad woman. I'm weird like that.   I think I do need a vacation.

HIYAH!!!  I shall conquer 2015 and make it my bitch...

Friday, January 2, 2015

Week One Polymer Clay Challenge

Here it is..  my first weeks challenge.  It's weird how this one came about. I had planned on taking the full first week to work on something.
     So the back story to the inspiration on this piece is interesting and I love how it all came together.  Or at least to me it is. It starts with it being the holiday season and 3 of my dearest of best friends always end up back in my hometown. In the years that we don't fly back- we  Skype on New Year's Eve or depending on plans- New Year's Day. This year it was New Year's Day.  Not knowing when exactly- I head out to Michael's because I had really wanted to pick up some silver leaf to have on hand for this challenge. I had always wanted to try this technique as well. The foil on pc with alcohol inks applied technique has always appealed to me.  So I'm at the store- my friend texts me they are all gathered- so I get my leafing and head home. We always open our gifts together. (awwww.... how sweet)  I received 3 beautiful pieces of jewelry and one of them is a dichroic glass pendant. BOOM!  While what I created is not specifically faux anything, It's such a pretty pendant and the fact that I had bought the leafing... had the inspiration piece...  I could hardly focus to talk to my friends... (mostly kidding) All I could think about was the silver leafing. I HAD to make something... like right as soon as we got done Skyping.   So this piece was created.

   I tried several colors. But I also wanted to use the envelopes I had been making for Valentine's Day. I wasn't 100% sure it meshed well. The aged look of the envelope charm with the shininess of the red and black. Meh... I like it. I finished it. To me that's all that mattered. Sometimes you have to start at the bottom and work your way up.  I have dabbled inconsistently in polymer clay for 20 years. I sincerely miss the days where I just create and keep going and see where it takes me.  Not to bad. Now I just have to juggle that with the other aspects- like sealing it correctly.  oy...

   Not a bad start... not a bad start at all.