Monday, December 29, 2014

A December to Remember

   Not sure what's more exciting, that Christmas is over or that the New Year is days away...

     December was a good month.  At nearly the last minute, I was able to accompany a dear friend to a Stevie Wonder concert at Key Arena in Seattle.  All I can say is that was the classiest concert I ever went to. Having only frequented rock concerts in the past, I had already decided I was too old for them.You know... music is too loud- I'm too old mentality, not even to mention the 2nd hand smoke, ahem...rowdy bra/panty flinging bimbos and drunken dipshits that always make it a challenge. Yeah- I'm one of those fuddy duddys. I just wanna sit back and listen to the artist, not see some bimbo shake her money maker in my face (true story- U2 concert Seattle/2011)  But Stevie? New experience all together. I know his music, but had never been to his concerts. Like I said- C-L-A-S-S-Y...  end of story. Amazing talent and legendary voice. Wow- what an event!  I blinged out the photo because let's face it- it was low light and not a great photo to begin with.

     Then I found out there is a waterfall near me in my city. Victor Falls... I've been driving past the area, but never realized it was there. It's a small one, but beautiful just the same. The city had recently acquired it and had finished the parking lot and area. It's beautiful, you can hear it roaring from the parking lot.  I wasn't able to venture far. I saw it was open to the public and it just so happened to be after our first snow fall. So it was icy cold and the trails to the lower level were messy. I stayed up top - but come a less wet/muddy season I can't wait to explore it further!  I'm sure it will be a favorite picnic spot. 

Then there is my progress on the creative front. I've really gotten back into sculpting little critters.  I've started a head of one, and then got sidetracked by making eyeballs with UV resin pupils from a video I found on YouTube. I could NOT get a decent photo of those glossy eyes.  They are a little messy but for my first set, they look better in person.  So I have photos of my newest critter (sans body), eyeballs and a combo. While the new eyes don't belong to him, I tried them on him for size. Whoa! Not a good fit, but what a hoot to see him come to life! Adding resin eyeballs (and incorporating them into a figure) to my project challenge list for 2015. 

Other than that December has been the typical ho hum month. So glad all that Christmas rubbish is over with. Now that the days will be getting longer again I have something to look forward to! Come on Spring!!! (only 3 months away) yeah!

Coming up is the start of the Polymer Clay Challenge 2015. The goal is to create and finish something out of  polymer clay on a weekly basis.  I'm definitely up for the challenge. 

Bring on 2015!!!

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