Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Zetti- Crazy

   I've been seeing Zetti for the past month. Crazy awesome images that require a double take to clarify what you are seeing. Whimsical and bright and just all around fun.  The artist- Teesha Moore, from what I understand created this genre of Zettiology.
     Thanks to my beloved Art Charms group I dove head first into creating for a swap. The goal: purse charms. The theme: All things Zettiology. It actually was a coincidence that she was closing out her stamp line on her Etsy shop just as this swap was gearing up. I was lucky enough to snag a grab bag of unmounted images.
    I am no stranger to altered dominoes. I have loved making them for well over a decade. I was however a bit rusty with my process. I have a tendency to get a bit ahead of myself when I get really excited about something.   I did not take photos of the process Oops... is it really necessary? I dunno.
My process for stamping and coloring dominoes is this...

1.) DRILL FIRST!!! Attach your screw-eye if that is what you are doing.. otherwise if you are adding bails you can add them later.

 2.)Stamp image using Staz-On, let dry, cure, heat set, etc. I have better luck if I flip the stamp over face up and put a piece of tape on the back of the domino for a handle and use it apply to stamp. Works most of the time.

 3.) Color - I LOVE to use the Adirondack Pigment markers- they blend, they are vibrant and since I get really hands on it's good that they wash off easily! These also don't interfere with the Staz-on ink which is a solvent based ink. I mean- yeah if you keep smearing it, it will rub off eventually... but for the most part it is good to use together.

 4.) Not sure if necessary, but I heat set with my embossing gun, basically make sure it's good and dry.

5/6.) Spray light coats of Spray Fix... and um... don't just grab the first can that has matte on it in the box in the garage... (like I did- or you might have grabbed the matte clear coat) Again- this is my preference, since I grabbed the wrong thing- it obviously doesn't matter if I use the spray fix or not. Light handed coats is what matters. Otherwise it will blur...and all your hard work and lovely coloring will be wasted. I take a large piece of tape and make loops and stick my dominoes to that and a shoe box lid- this makes it a vertical surface- easier to spray. Let the spray fix dry (if using)  If you are using a clear coat- apply several light coats to build up the surface... I prefer to let this dry and cure for a few days, depending on the weather before I add to this with beads and embellishment.

7.) If you are using a bail-you can add beads, baubles, dangles, bling, etc. chain and clasp.. whatever you are using it for.  Mine was for a purse charm swap so I added a small section of curb chain and a clasp.

Altered dominoes is so much fun. I used to jump start my creativity by turning out a few of these.  
Here's the images from the swap.

Happy September!

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