Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Keep On Posting... Keep On Posting...

      I really am trying to keep posting despite the boring drivel and rambling.

     We are back to hot temps here in the PNW. Lots of fun things to see and do during these longer days of summer. Mosquitoes, cold lemonade and pretty sure I've eaten my weight in cherries!  I finally had a chance to ignite my green thumb!  I have a few dear friends who are downsizing and after being in a home for 28 years- there were a few sentimental plants to be had. My friend's mother has some hens and chicks that were originally from her childhood home.  Once I get them established I plan to put some markers in the pot or bed, kinda how they do the species, but with the address or maybe the GPS coordinates. Something to remember their roots... literally and figuratively...bah ha ha
    It just so happens I  LOVE hens and chicks and stare at them longingly every time I go to to the farmer's markets. My mom always had a massive bed of them. I've always wanted to grow them, just never felt the motivation.  Until now.  Me thinks I may have dug up a few clumps too many. But I will survive... jury is still out on my little plants.

       For now- I'm putting them in containers I need some raised beds- with the dog afoot.  I've also acquired some strawberry pots and regular pots from the same friends. I'm hoping to make the strawberry pots all about the hens and chicks.  Along with some Coral Bells and some garden benches that still have some life left in them. I also acquired some lovely vintage bedroom furniture. Several projects to keep me going into the fall/winter that's for sure! I've been busy learning (aka- getting overwhelmed) by all the soil choices.  Oy. So I am winging it. If they die- they die, if not I have for the time being, extended their lives.

     I've also gotten back into some swaps on my favorite art charm group. Yay!  So August is looking up... hopefully it won't be so dang hot I can't enjoy the yard or work on my garden bench projects. (hopefully I will remember to take before and after pics)

This was the view of the mountain last evening...  *sigh* I never get tired of this view.

*I have since cleaned my lens, no more fingerprints...  *DOH!*  ;)

Here's to a wonderful (and hot) week ahead of us!

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