Monday, April 14, 2014

Brick Wall Combat

     I am beginning to think that as great as the internet is for being a source of eye candy, inspiration, tutorials, information, techniques, tips, etc...  I can't help but feel it also reminds me that it's all been done before.
 The internet allows us access to a great source of many people's hard work- tips, hints, very well done tutorials, etc. But then what?

     Please note- I firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due, whether it's using a tutorial or inspiration for a technique. This isn't about that directly.  In my opinion THAT goes without even being said.

     I'm talking about actually creating your own thing.  Putting your own spin on something... is that really enough anymore?  It seems that nowadays you pretty much have to reinvent the wheel or a new formula of Tide or risk being accused of not giving credit or plagiarizing. Not from my personal experience, but things I've seen on pages or sites.
      I am seriously beginning to think I just don't have what it takes to create something new and original. It's all been done.  10-12 years ago, I was into altered dominoes big time. I LOVED Ranger's Adirondack Markers, and loved using Sharpies. Any of my creative sessions were always jump started by altering a domino. I used to experiment soooo much back then. Same thing with polymer clay. I would jump at the chance to try something new and just push through it. Sure, my first ones were never perfect but that was okay. Practice makes progress right? I would move forward with it and create something. It was so simple back then. At the very least I learned something new. I used to make a lot of canes and cover small pots, boxes, a lot of Bic Pens crossed my path. Anything that didn't move, got covered in a layer of cane slices. I'm pretty sure I've covered my weight in Christmas ornaments. lol  Nothing original of course.  But my experimentation was my own, or was it?

     But now? What about now? I piddle and putz around inspired and uninspired at the same time in my art den, well currently I am spread out on the dining  But seriously- I string beads only to unstring them. I wrap something in wire, and clip it all off moments later. I just don't think there is anything left that I could possibly "put my own spin on" and feel satisfied with.  I can create something but feel as though it's all been done in some variation before.  But how can you not mirror or mimic something that inspired you?  If I created something with a water lily on it- does that mean I've been inspired by Monet? I've been there- I've walked the cobblestone streets of Giverny and crossed Monet's bridges spanning his ponds and his lovely water lilies. He was an inspiration.

So here I am- feeling it's all been done before- hitting a brick wall.

Speaking of water lilies...

    This photo is not from Giverny, I don't currently have any digital versions of those photos. This is of a water lily from Butchart Gardens in Canada. I believe it was in the formal Italian garden, if I remember correctly. Oh and I altered it in Photoshop with a filter or something done to it.. I like it. But it's been done before. Especially the way I held the camera with my two 5 fingered hands,  pretty sure I closed one eye when I looked through the viewfinder. DANG IT! So unoriginal.  Why can't I have unique ocular organs and unique phalanges. I feel so cheated.    

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