Monday, April 28, 2014

April Showers takes the cake

    Goodness knows it has rained in the month of April. Here I was thinking I killed my lawn by cutting it too short and then it rains for a solid week with a day of sunshine and then the grass is even taller...*Doh!* I think the weather is making up for the fact that we had a relatively dry winter early on. Or maybe that was just the basement apartment talking... time stood still there and not in a good way.

     Soooo... in  a mere 5 days I am supposed to post my bead soup reveal... The very bead soup that I have tinkered and played with and moved around on my mat for weeks like a weird form of zen garden without the sand or rake, and then promptly stuck in a drawer because nothing was working. Good news is that I located the copper findings I had purchased... they were in my glove box. HA!  I have no doubt I will come up with something. If I don't like it- I can always re-do it. What a concept!

   Here's my charm for the "Pick Some Flowers" swap...

     I'm looking forward to the month of May. My parents are driving out for a visit in late May or June. Plus the new hood is trying to organize a neighborhood wide garage sale in the end of June. Hopefully this will be the motivation I have been needing to finish the last of the unpacking- fixing up my art den AND getting rid of a bunch of stuff that has been piling up. There are also talks of a  Block Party... finally get to meet more of my neighbors. Which is good because quite frankly they are all starting to look alike at this point. Unless they have a dog. Then I know them by their dog, but that's it. We moved in Super Bowl weekend and since the Sea Hawks actually won, I think everyone was on cloud 9 for a few months... lol

Have a great Monday!!!

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