Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Another facet of creativity

    Facet or tangent? Ramblings? As the unpacking continues- I found the box of books that I had packed and did not have at the apartment. So these have been in storage for well over a year! I found some goodies!  This box had my stash of polymer clay books and a bunch of coffee table art books.  I also found the one book I thought was lost forever. It was one of those books I knew I had, but couldn't remember the name or author and could not for the life of me find it. I just knew it was on shrines.
        But I unearthed that baby... and lets just say- the hubby bought a sheet of foam core a few weeks ago for a project. Ahem... I may have to replace said sheet of foam core.  So what is this book? Well here ya go...  "Crafting Personal Shrines" by  Carol Owen. Here it is on Amazon .

   So my fascination with shrines comes with my trips to San Antonio for "The Day of The Dead" celebrations. The days when cell phones were not mainstream, let alone the ones with cameras. Back when I still lugged a decent film SLR around and just on the cusp of the digital camera evolution. 10-13 yrs ago? ha! Anyhow, if you've ever been able to observe such celebrations and have witnessed the amazing and colorful tributes to the beloved deceased you know how emotionally evoking it can be. The colors, the ruffled dresses, the rhythm of the music and the aroma of the "Pan de Muertos".

     Well- the book is not really anything like those per say.  Honestly I think I like the idea of the construction part of the shrine as much as the decking it out part.  But this is what inspired me and that's how I was introduced to shrines and it will always be burned into my brain. I think it appeals to me because in my personal environment, I tend to lean towards neutral and earthy colors. Something I fought hard when we picked out the finishes for the new house, I thought it was so boring but neutral is a very good canvas to be accented with the bright stuff. I just gravitate towards the more vibrant saturated palettes in anything else.   I wish I had a negative scanner so I could share the beautiful images I took back then.  Nowadays,I  try to attend the celebrations closer to home at either the Seattle Center or the Tacoma Art Museum. Both locations create giant sand paintings, another fascination of mine. Again- the bright, beautiful colors, followed by the fascination of how they created it, let alone the scale of it!

This one is from the Tacoma Art Museum.

The one below is from the Seattle Center.

 So that is today's creative tangent. Happy Monday! (or Tuesday) lol

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