Tuesday, March 18, 2014


    Yeah- I know I'm stretching the whole "wassup?" thing. Meh- my humor. So yesterday I went to retrieve my hostage soup from the local P.O.

Note to Self:  do not EVER go to the P.O. after 2pm in the afternoon, especially on a Monday. Everyone and their monkey's uncle is there to retrieve their mail and do their business.

Ooooh but it was worth it just this one time.  Oh yes.... YESSSSS!!!  Is my emphasis apparent enough?

 My soup from Diana over at Jasmine Tea Designs was nothing short of breathtaking and much to my husband's chagrin, quite squeal-worthy. From presentation to actual contents, it was nothing short of the most elegant soup ever.  Quite frankly, it's the only reason my corned beef was allowed to rest after removing from the crock pot. ha ha ha  Seriously...

    I was hoping for a good dose of sunshine today so I could take some at least decent photos. However, that's a stretch, I can only forecast that the sun will stream through the window of my den after I've not only taken the photos but posted this blog. I'm not pessimistic, it's called living in the Pacific Northwest. lol
     So without much further ado... my soup from Diana.

     Seriously- the richness of the colors are delicious.  I call the cording rainbow udon, since Diana said it was the "noodles".  
     Please note- if it wasn't for PicMonkey.com , this post would have a bazillion photos- I am so glad there is a collage feature. This soup was so much fun to photograph.  Each "ingredient" is just breathtaking.

     I am hoping I didn't leave anything out. Unfortunately, my poor little camera is getting low on juice and the battery charger is MIA since the move. *DOH* I could have taken photos all day.

     This experience has been amazing. As my partner, Diana alluded to, there are some like minded thinking going on, copper elements,  palettes, etc. Gorgeous colors and components, items I have never worked with and have NO idea how to design with but I am still so excited to design with.  It was interesting because these were all elements I have been drawn to in the shops, but never purchased because I had no idea how to incorporate them, or felt they were beyond my novice scope of skill and thought. Well, I believe my creative limits are about to pushed.  

 So thank you  Diana- so very much!  I look forward to designing with my soup. 


  1. Beautiful, huge soup, can't wait to see what comes out of it!

  2. That's a really wonderful collection - and are those little turtles?! Gorgeous :)