Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pinterest and the Ghost of the Toxic Green Hag

  **** Crazy Woman Ramble***

     This is a reminder to NEVER get attached to social media sites.  Funny thing is after my account was hacked a few weeks ago and I deactivated it and actually did really well.  I wouldn't say I'm an addict. I don't spend all day pinning, I never have.. really. It is a relaxing thing to do.  I use it mainly for jewelry making and recipes. I should have learned- always print out that recipe- don't just save it to your Pinterest Board. Why? Because at some point you will be hacked. As some point someone will flag something on your board whether be intentional or accidental or maybe there was an unintentional spammy link... who the heck knows anymore.  But to that person (the spammer) - they can suck it.

Honestly the only thing I will miss the most are my art/creative boards (anything related to jewelry/beading/charms) and of course my recipes. OH and my inspirational words of wisdom board.  **sigh**

**UpDATE*** It was hacked again. :(

Double Update 3/28/14: My pleas to Pinterest have been answered. YAY!!! Interestingly enough I am unable to locate any spam boards (like the last time) and they left my settings alone, didn't even change my location. So me thinks it was flagged, not hacked. No sign of beauty product spams either as I was told my profile had been promoting. I deleted a few boards after I  examined them closer, but nothing spammy. If it had been hacked by a spammer- I believe the odd activity triggers it to go into safe mode (which happened last time) and if it's flagged- they just flat out suspend your account.  Oh well...

So yeah- from here on- this post goes a bit overboard.  Just so you know.  Yes- there are mean people out there, Yes, if everyone would develop a thick skin and move on- the world would be a better place. Whatever.

So if that one person decided to flag me just because  (not because it was actual spam), good for you!  I have a few of those hags out there,  don't we all?  I call them green hags because I have worse things I could call them. But green is obvious and hag, well you know the implications.  Basically little ol' me has a few haters. ME! It's almost laughable. A poor girl from the midwest. It's kinda funny.  If you knew me personally you'd know I sometimes struggle daily and in general think very little of myself, while the days I feel like a lump of crap are fewer and far between. I still struggle everyday with self purpose. I know I'm on the right path because I still look forward to the next day.  Between my FIL and a few other self serving people who crossed my path, my self- esteem is in low reserve.  My creativity has been my salvation, my outlet, that and my husband of course.
     But one thing I know, I am 100% genuine, some have even had the balls to call me naive and stupid, whatever. Some people can't stand that because well- deep down their intentions were anything but genuine, so it makes them feel bad for a minuscule second. Unfortunately, this is usually when they lash out the most or again.   I have some what of a good people meter, but some people hide their crazy so well, it throws it off and they inch into your life and before you know it- they've trampled your heart and soul good and hard.  You question yourself. You start to second guess your choices. These people learn how to entwine themselves in your life.  There is a word for them... TOXIC... They think they're martyrs, or queens, but toxic is more accurate description.  These are the people that take self help workshops and then suddenly think they are experts and try to analyze you and ask you stupid questions and jump to insane conclusions because you will not participate in their insanity. It's even more sad after you realize it's because they are projecting their own sad life experiences.  These are the people who will go out of their way to treat you like crap and then do their best to make you feel even worse because you actually gained enough courage to call them on their crap. See how that is a toxic cycle? Yes-  you know how the saying goes- you shouldn't burn that bridge? Well- Sometimes you have to burn that bridge to keep the crazy people from following you.
     Sometimes you have to put on your big girl panties and realize that you are worthy of being treated better than that.

Ooh I had a revelation... I'm still detoxing from the last toxic "friend". Sometimes, it can take longer than getting a traffic infraction off your license. lol So yeah- I don't think the world is out to get me, but have you ever had a bad experience and you've moved on, but something triggered all those emotions?

   So yeah- when Pinterest shuts down my pin board of inspiration- it kinda catches me off guard.  Kinda like the last toxic green hag that tried to shut me down and the emotional exhaustion that was involved to deal with her dried up all my creative juices. Yes- two different things, but when my creativity is messed with... I get all serious.

But I will move on and go forth to create again!!! MWAH HA HA HA!!!

 Some have mistaken my polite silence, quiet and soft spoken demeanor for stupid and weak. To those I say- OH well- I sleep at night, well... when I have fresh earplugs so I'm not kept awake by the husband or dog snoring.

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