Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Rambling

     It was a beautiful weekend here in the PNW. The air had a slight chill to it but the sun was out, the skies were blue, the clouds were puffy. Apparently there are weather gods and they did listen to my plea for less rain, more blue skies and puffy clouds.
    My den is no where near salvageable yet. I have been readying several swaps to send out this week and in a fit of   "where the hell is THAT?", more boxes inched back in and were opened in a disorderly manner.  tsk tsk tsk   The cats are not happy with me, as I have shut the door to my den since they always find my box of fabric and lay in it. They can no longer get to the window and sit in the sill. Poor kitties. So tortured.

    A couple of exciting things happened this weekend.  I was able to buy lawn ornaments/statuary for our yard for the first time without having to worry about it being stolen or damaged. That was a weird feeling. We also had a  neighbor kid knock on the door for fundraising. That was another exciting thing. I didn't have to worry about unlocking my door. I didn't have to talk to him through a locked security screen door in fear of getting strong armed or scammed for money. I haven't had to put a "No Soliciting" sign on my door yet. At my old house we had them nearly everyday and some I had to threaten to call the police as I had no idea there were solicitors that would keep coming back and try to bully you into letting them mow your yard and yard work. I was told this was called "malicious soliciting" and it is a report-able offence.   Geesh- reading all that makes me think about how bad our old neighborhood really was.
     The only oddly positive thing is that when our huge fancy self-propelling lawn mower was stolen (we used to have a really large yard with a hill for most of the backyard) it meant we didn't have to store it for the time we rented the basement dungeon and honestly it was too big of a lawn mower for our new yard.   So you know- I hope the thief got good money out of it.  The new mower is electric/battery powered.  3-4 passes and the lawn will be mowed. ;) MOStly kidding, but sorta not, it might take a baker's dozen of passes. ;) But that's okay.  I've come to terms with the smallness of the yard, and just having a garage is a plus. We lost our goal of having it cleaned out to park in by St. Paddy's Day.  We are giving up the storage unit next weekend. So the garage is gonna get worse before it gets better. But once everything is here- we can start with storage zones and start putting stuff away where it belongs.
    OH and we had our first Deer sighting... yes- long, dark rural road and a deer is not my favorite combo. But it was fast, I was going slow enough to stop for it and wait for other possible comrades. Neighbors have seen Elk at the treeline across the road. No Thank you- Those are HUGE beasts- I've passed them on the road in my car on the side of the road, having to drive past them slowly, and seen them in herds in other areas.yeah.  Seeing them from afar is good enough for me. Beautiful majestic animals but the sheer size is enough to get my adrenaline going,10 feet away is too darn close.
     Now that the sod has firmed up and rooted properly in the yard we have been letting the dog out, which has been fun. To see him roam free in his own space again has been a huge mood lifter. He still  mostly requires his daily walk but the fact he's down to 1 from 3 and 4 a day, shows his age. He will be 7 next month. Usually one good walk/sniff session will conk him out for the day. Poor little guy. I miss my jack rabbit Puggle dog. He used to be the fastest dog at the dog park- running over the hills (used to be a golf course) with a pack of dogs chasing him (just as he liked it). For a medium size dog- he was scrappy and sturdy and could rough house with the big dogs.  Now he's content to snore on the couch for majority of the day. I think he knows this is home and as I am more relaxed and feel safe, so is he.
     As for Junior, well he's always been a trilling, purring, love bug of a lap cat. I put a step stool up to the window sill in the living room so he can get to that one in his advanced age, he can't jump like he used to.  Dora (small but mighty) will probably never lose the grudge for bringing home the dog. But she is proof  as well that animals feel what you feel. I am her human, even though my husband had both cats before we even met. She claimed me. She's always been the typical cat. But her sweetness has multiplied and her confidence with the dog has too. She now demands attention, audibly and with cute little bum/tail swishes to alert you she is within arm's reach, which you know... is HER gift to YOU, so pet her already.  She is also at peace here at the new house. I think she knows too. This is home. 

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