Tuesday, March 11, 2014

If I had a hammer...

     I would probably take some 2 x 4 lumber and board up my windows. Seriously.  Sure- a pretty new house is all fine and dandy until you have to get window coverings for the windows. For your privacy, courtesy to the neighbors, and well it's just necessary in suburbia (oh wait, I think the website for my community is called "refined rural").  *** insert snicker***
    I am going out of my $%#$!!! mind.  I even submitted it on one of my favorite design bloggers and she featured it on her Q&A design post.  I enjoy Kristi at  Addicted 2 Decorating very much . She's an amazing DIY'er AND a phenomenal designer.  Anyhow- I have been trying to follow through with her suggestions (read about that  here) but keep hitting a few snags. What she suggested is pretty much what I knew I wanted to achieve but didn't know how to go about it.  I actually found the hardware I needed- including a flexible corner piece to allow the layout she suggested. I still need brackets, but that's the easy part.
        Since then- I have ordered curtains, they arrived and the #$%! pattern is too busy. Yes- I looked at them in person, I fell in love with the colors and pattern. Gorgeous neutral background with a blue floral and green accents, geez that does sound gawdy, but it's not.  Anyhow, I had to special order the length for my stupid arse 9ft ceilings. OH how it makes the room feel bigger...UNTIL you try to dress the windows and  Geez do I feel like a blithering idiot. 
       So now I have to deal with returning all these @#$%@%# curtain panels. I'm almost back to square one- I won't say I'm all the way back there as I do have the hardware. Oh and dare I say I found a rug for under my dining room table that was inspired by said curtains? I still love the rug. I'm thinking now it was too matchy matchy and I should keep the rug and well, the curtains are already going back, but use the rug and go from there.
Seriously- this is what is gives me anxiety when there are seriously more pressing matters in the world today- random airplanes missing, hostile cats taking people hostage in their own home, KMarts are closing and the latest? Radio Shack is in the pooper! Where will my mother get a battery for her police scanner? But more excitingly? McDonald's is thinking of making their breakfast menu all day (no comment on that last one). Makes me feel like a real medal winner in humanity.  My rational muse is screaming (wait is that an oxymoron?)  "You're complaining about  WHAT?!"  Yes indeed, but I am just that ridiculous. 

Oh and no way in Hades will I ever consider making/sewing drapes of this proportion. My sewing skills are mediocre at best and that would send me over the edge. I do not wish to wrangle THAT much fabric.

Then I tell myself I should get a hobby...  which is usually followed by a fit of maniacal laughter.  

Yeah, those 2x4's are looking pretty darn snazzy right about now. Now if only I could find something more than a rubber mallet. 

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