Monday, March 17, 2014

Have you heard? The Bird's the Word

    This afternoon I was chomping at the bit to get to the Post Office to retrieve my soup (where it's being held hostage) that my partner sent me...  I thought I would ready my post for what I sent Diana Shiraishi over at Jasmine Tea Designs.

So first a teaser...

Okay- now for the real deal..

It was the bird- that Peacock blue/green that tantalized me. It's something I was drawn to, and kinda out of my norm, but it's so beautiful in person. I had bought the bird and the swirl beads from Shaterra Clay Studio on Etsy. She specializes in ceramics, wire and leather.  Her pieces are wonderful and like I said- the bird. It just drew me in. 

     As for the clasp- I purchased it from Fusion Beads in Seattle. They have a website, but for locals, HOLY GORGONZOLA CHEESE BATMAN!!! It is a gorgeous, delicious store that I could have spent hours in. Seriously, if you are ever in the Seattle area- it's a MUST see! They have parking!!! whooohoo! I did not have to parallel park. Ok- I cheated and made the hubby drive, but still didn't have to parallel park and he probably kept me from buying the whole store. lol It's probably a good thing I don't like driving in and about Seattle itself- I would be at that store waaaay too often. 

    The rest of the supporting cast are from other local stores, forgive me if I don't know exactly what the beads are, I generally buy because it's pretty and/or it goes. lol I am blessed to be near several I have frequented since I started this beaded journey a little over a year ago. The Bead Factory and Bead Boppers are the closest ones to me. Lovely lovely stores. These both always have beautiful samples and a current classes available. These two are both strictly brick and mortar stores, the Bead Factory has an online presence, but I think it's set up to order their classes online which are held in the store. 

     A little background on the toggle clasp. I had something specific in mind, which is a good lesson to learn as sometimes things turn out different.  I had hoped for a larger chunkier artisan crafted patina finish copper toggle. But the one I had thought would work was waaaaaay too small. Hence my first visit to Fusion Beads. It was more the shape and simple look I wanted, but the finish was true copper. However, when I placed it next to the bird, I didn't not like it.  ;) I LOVE the shape of it and think the copper works with the peacock coloring in the bird and the sand colors.  So while I am adding making toggles and learning to patina them to my list of things I wish to master,  this would work for this. For my first beads soup, I think I did okay.  I hope

   The funny thing is that the photos don't show the chain and beads I found while still unpacking my craft den and threw in at the last minute. Yeah- the bird matched and I didn't even have those beads at the front of my mind. The chain is more the color I had hoped for the toggle.  OH well...

     It's a little on the smallish side of soups, I'm sure.   I have a tendency to over think things and I did NOT want this soup to become a stress. I pulled together things from my meager stash and supplemented and went with my first gut feeling on them. Maybe I struck out, who knows. Isn't beading really subjective anyway? I mean you see the soups (big and small) and think- WOW! What I could do with that! But, in my minimal experience in this medium, the proper creative spark and anything will work. I've been participating on a Yahoo Art Charms group the last year and that definitely sparks the less is more creativity,  (unless you are talking about quantity of charms themselves) but that's a different post!  LOL!
The rules of Bead Soup- while using focal and clasp are necessary, have fluidity to them. Which is what drew me to this whole soup thing. The train of thought you must transfer to, to be open to new things.
       Drum Roll please...

                Which is why I am here in the first place.

Stay Tuned!  Tomorrow I post about what I received- when plenty of daylight is present and hopefully the sunshine flows through the windows so I can take photos. :D OH is it a very beautiful soup. Seriously breathtakingly beautiful.


  1. I loved reading the background on your soup ingredients! You did better than did great and I can't wait to cook a pot of soup! Thanks Andrea!

  2. It's a lovely soup, quality beads and the little bird is sublime!

  3. I think your soup was just right! I love the bird and how your beads go together.