Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Snail's Pace

     That pretty much describes how unpacking is going. Today marks 2 months in the new house. I will never forget it because it was Super Bowl  weekend... I won't claim to be a Seahawk's fan, because I don't really do sports. But it was memorable for sure.  We have new neighbors moving into today. The new "hood" is filling up nicely. We have officially cleared out our storage unit and truth be told if our garage was organized we'd still be able to get one car in. I think that is a win in the clutter/junk department.  We finally decided on a new couch, just in time too because several of  the springs in the old one is about read to completely rip through the back.  The new stuff is being delivered Tuesday, now I just need to figure out how to hermetically seal the couch from cat and dog hair. ** maniacal laugh**.   I also have something to put on the windows. yeah... 2 months in post move...SCORE!

      I have my Bead Soup project to look forward to working on this month. My poor art den is all in disarray after the last few swaps. I think I am going to shove all boxes into the back of the Harry Potter closet and call it a day.  Start organizing and go from there.   ha ha ha ha  *maniacal laugh*

     But I did take a walk in the woods today between insane downpour sideways rain... Here' s what I found.

Yep- a snail shell and tree fungus...  But it looked so pretty.  Who knew weird liquid could look so pretty on the underside of a blob of fungus? Meh... maybe it's only me.  I wish I could properly capture the way the mossy beards hang off the trees.  Here is all my little point and shoot is capable of... It rather washed out how saturated the green is.

So that was my day...  in a snail shell.

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