Monday, February 10, 2014

The little bead that could

     So I thought between my computer crashing a few months back and my phone crapping out that I had lost photos of previous little treasures I created. Thankfully, I had managed to sync some photos to FaceBook from my phone. I squealed with joy when I found them. For the sake of making continuing this blog and making another post, here ya go.
     Please have it known this post is a little photo heavy. :D  No... I am NOT a professional photographer, just in case the amazing and inconsistent size and layout astounds and inspires you.  (sarcasm) I can't find my photo editing CD to re install since my computer crashed and we moved. blah blah blah
    This was my first bracelet that I made using a bag of old jewelry I found at the junk store. I love the pale greens and clear glass beads.

These washers were my first results using plain old washers from the hardware store and covering with resin.

These are a few examples for a monthly color swap in an online group I participate in. 
 Here are some other pieces I created for various charm swaps.


This concludes this installment of schtuff I've made. :D

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  1. Hi Andrea,

    I posted a request on your FB page to connect but it said I have to pay $1.00 if I want it to go directly to your in box...LOL! So take a look at 'other' messages and see if there is one from would be easy to connect through PMs on FB. Did you make the buttons and beads in this post? I see you are a polymer clay artist, that is one medium I haven't tried yet. TC, D