Saturday, February 8, 2014


     So the running joke in my house is that I yell "SOOOOUP!" when dinner is ready, regardless of what dinner consists of. Yeah, silly but it works. It even makes me smile a little. Fun stuff, eh?  Moving on to the good stuff.  I will add that my studio is still a mountain of moving boxes. We also had to hurry and restock our pantry and fridge because of the impending snow we were due (it's snowing now- expecting 1-2")  BUT... my desk is set up and CLEAN!!! For now... but most important?  IT'S BEAD SOUP TIME!!! Well... almost. It's not quite 8pm west coast time and I thought it was today (probably because it's the 8th annual bead soup, and today is the 8th) and then I went and looked and it's actually the 9th!  (I haven't known what day it is since we moved last Saturday)  But... sign up goes active at midnight EST and that means in a few hours here on the west coast.   YAY!!!

     Honestly- I'm kinda nervous. What if I get a schmoe or flake?  What if my selection that I send is not good enough for my recipient and they complain? What if I get crap?  I dunno- I think the potential fun outweighs the bad on this but it's still there in the back of my head.
     I'm still contemplating joining but I think it will be too much fun to miss and a great opportunity to try my hand at actual wearable piece and fun to create using someone else's selections.  I'm a little behind- probably should have posted the badge sooner. Hey! I still have moving boxes EVERYWHERE and I can't even find a tiny screwdriver to secure the toilet paper roll dispenser (stupid set screws) in my bathroom.   But oh yeah! I will suck it up and make sure I sign up at midnight!!! or 9pm west coast. (if that's how it works)


Random Photo: Chancey 

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