Sunday, February 23, 2014

My pretty mushrooms

     So - email is back up and running. Unpacking? Nope... hubby and I have a goal to be able to park in the garage by St. Patrick's Day. My dirty little secret? We rented a storage unit 2 yrs ago and are emptying it bit by bit. In all honesty- we purged like mad people and only put in storage what we knew we would have space for- Christmas decorations, camping gear, tools, books, videos, miscellaneous crafty junk. It's actually very organized- we made a point of keeping it that way and we were extremely diligent on what we put in there. Not to say we won't be donating a LOT MORE. :D  But oh how I dread dragging all that home.
     I am SOOOooo ready for Spring!  I love to walk and before we moved- I made very good use of our city's trail system.  Ironically it was sponsored by the power company so yeah- there were giant power lines and stuff overhead, always buzzing overhead like an impish wizard.  But- needless to say- it was well kept, quiet and very beautiful despite the overhead lines. One day (probably last spring) in the parking lot on those little islands between the rows of parking near one of the trail heads I noticed these beautiful mushrooms/ toadstools (forgive me- I am NOT a botanist)

The ones that were hadn't opened were SO vibrant!  There were so many! Some were more orange-ish- some were more red.  Some were absolutely HUGE!!! I was so entranced by them. I could just picture little gnomes and fairies running about. Which makes me even MORE excited for SPRING!!! I wanna make a fairy garden!

 Here's a bit of Photoshop magic- poorly done. I only have Elements and it's not as sophisticated as the real thing. But you get the idea of the big rolling hills and there is even a lake to the right beyond the tree line.

Needless to say- these are no longer my stomping, er... walking grounds. I only have to go out my front door and down a bit to get to nature. The below pics were during the last snow we had a few weeks ago. Where I am currently, snow tends to be short lived with a few exceptions.

It made for a pretty back drop. But- Brrrr.... just thinking about that is making we wish for Spring to HURRY up and get here.

Now, my desk is clean but I am still surrounded by towers of boxes. I am hoping to tackle some of that today because I have a few new swaps I signed up for (hoping to get me motivated to get my creative space in order) and I need to get busy!

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  1. You did better than I would have on that Photoshop thing...I have Elements too. Those mushrooms are pretty and I love your "nature" right outside your door!