Sunday, February 16, 2014

My love/hate relationship with Technology

     I am not techno-savvy in the least. But here's a lesson for you- ANY time you move and have email through your cable company, BE AWARE! That when the rude techs are in a hurry and decide to disregard your comment regarding existing accounts (and current username and password) and proceed to set up your cable as a NEW account instead of a TRANSFER- BE AWARE! Because the username and password they had didn't work or they didn't bother to confirm anything until AFTER the fact.  Because if the rude tech does that- you will lose all existing email accounts- 2 weeks after the fact. Without even knowing this took place- because who would have thought that would happen? So this blog- is tied to THAT email- I HATE having multiple emails- even though I have a few Gmail addies that I don't even frequent. Regardless- the one YAHOO account is somehow to tied to ANOTHER account and can't be used as back up on this one. I just don't have the patience to unlink it to mysterious other account and establish a new one and all that crap.
       Seriously Technology Fairies...WTF?!!!

So as I wait to untangle the web that my Comcast email tangled with and wait for Comcast to re-instate it- I wait... and wait some more.
any comments on this blog- from here until Comcast F&^%%HEADS get it reinstated will most likely bounce back. I'm rubber, you're glue- I'd LOVE to tell COMCAST *#%@# YOU!

Ugh... technology.

Oh Bead Soup... the one last strand I can't untangle to my Comcast email. The one that matters. Hopefully email will be back up and running in time before partners is sent out.

Any questions- send to my argh... Yahoo account I've had for good grief... probably decades...ack.. dependable yet hack ridden Yahoo account. *sigh*

turtle5230 (at) yahoo (dot) com

***UPDATE***  as of 2/21/14 Finally got my Comcast email back and everything is was still there! I didn't lose anything except my sanity. Hubby was diligent about calling and finally got someone that actually knew how to push the email back into existence.

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