Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday! Monday! Monday!

     Any takers?! No? Not one? Awww come on!  It was a beautiful foggy morning in the PNW, not the spooky "souls are floating about" fog, but a nice dense morning fog.  We are still trying to let the fresh sod in our backyard get as strong as it can before we let the dog out- so our dog has never been in our backyard despite us being here nearly 4 weeks. ;)  As far as he knows- there is no way to get to that area. We're gonna give it another month. We want it nice and rooted before he is released out there. Plus I love walking my dog. I love walking in our new neighborhood.
     He's the Pavlovian poster dog for just saying the word "WALK". Seriously does the little spins-gets all yippy and excited.  Except for days like today- where you actually get wet in the rain. The wet soaking misting/ it's raining sideways rain. Yeah- those days. Those days (like today)- we aren't even out long enough for me to drink my coffee in my travel mug which I started bringing because ironically- we were taking some long walks in the morning. When it's yucky outside, he's all business and immediately heads for home when done.  Today is one of those days.
      Guess I should start excavating my craft den. OOoh and the added plus is the empty lot across the street is getting primed for building on. So I get to watch the heavy machinery work their magic.. SCORE!!! Who doesn't like to watch that?  Makes me want a backhoe digger thing-a-ma-jiggy.

Happy Monday Peeps!


  1. 4 week? I thought you'd be all unpacked already - at least your craft room! And no, no takers on the rain....unless you want cold and snow?? Happy Monday!

  2. ugh... I think I need to lug all the boxes out into the hallway and start fresh. It's a bit overwhelming.

  3. Hi Andrea,
    Guess what? I'm your Bead Soup Blog Party partner! Already know this is going to be fun...this is my first time participating in the party and we picked the same background for our blogs...I'm in northern California and very grateful for this cold, foggy rainy day. Looking forward to swapping beads. Kind regards, Diana

  4. OH That is too FUNNY!!!! Yay! I can't wait! :D