Friday, February 21, 2014

Hackers gonna Hack

    So this is supposed to be a blog about my creativity- but social media IS a source for my creative muse, today- THAT is the common thread. This is just a reminder to people not to get complacent about your accounts- be it Twitter, Facebook, forums log ins, emails, etc. Change you passwords regularly. Avoid too much of a trail to one account or linking Pinterest to Facebook or using the log in with Facebook feature.
    My Pinterest account was just hacked- I noticed I had an odd post that linked to Facebook that I could NOT have posted. I went to Pinterest- luckily they have features that put your account in safe mode. But I have deactivated my Pinterest account for the short term. Or at least until I have withdrawal symptoms. lol Good news is that it will be reestablished when I do reactivate. :D
    The irritating thing is that I'm sick of having to change my darn password(s) all the freakin' time! I have a hard enough time remembering one or two- let alone- half a dozen and then changing them. I even have a physical notebook I have my passwords in- but I can't find it half the time...  *maniacal laugh*

    What happened to the simple days? Remember back in Kindergarten when you got a hand full of fruit loops for reciting your home phone number and address?  Nowadays, fruit loops are probably banned and reciting the latter in class probably violates privacy.

     When did things get some complicated? I just want to browse some eye candy and share what I make and get inspired by what other people have done. Why do hackers wanna hack? I know I wanna hack off something if I ever encountered them. However they are probably overseas or such. I mean seriously. It's crap like this that make me wanna pull up stakes and go live in a freakin' cave. Be a hermit, not the
Uni-Bomber kind, but more of  "My side of the Mountain" kind.  I'm mostly anti-human anyway.

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  1. You are so right! Passwords out the behind! And I remember kindergarten playing with dishes and water! 1st grade was the phone number! LOL (I'm a little old!)