Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday! Monday! Monday!

     Any takers?! No? Not one? Awww come on!  It was a beautiful foggy morning in the PNW, not the spooky "souls are floating about" fog, but a nice dense morning fog.  We are still trying to let the fresh sod in our backyard get as strong as it can before we let the dog out- so our dog has never been in our backyard despite us being here nearly 4 weeks. ;)  As far as he knows- there is no way to get to that area. We're gonna give it another month. We want it nice and rooted before he is released out there. Plus I love walking my dog. I love walking in our new neighborhood.
     He's the Pavlovian poster dog for just saying the word "WALK". Seriously does the little spins-gets all yippy and excited.  Except for days like today- where you actually get wet in the rain. The wet soaking misting/ it's raining sideways rain. Yeah- those days. Those days (like today)- we aren't even out long enough for me to drink my coffee in my travel mug which I started bringing because ironically- we were taking some long walks in the morning. When it's yucky outside, he's all business and immediately heads for home when done.  Today is one of those days.
      Guess I should start excavating my craft den. OOoh and the added plus is the empty lot across the street is getting primed for building on. So I get to watch the heavy machinery work their magic.. SCORE!!! Who doesn't like to watch that?  Makes me want a backhoe digger thing-a-ma-jiggy.

Happy Monday Peeps!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My pretty mushrooms

     So - email is back up and running. Unpacking? Nope... hubby and I have a goal to be able to park in the garage by St. Patrick's Day. My dirty little secret? We rented a storage unit 2 yrs ago and are emptying it bit by bit. In all honesty- we purged like mad people and only put in storage what we knew we would have space for- Christmas decorations, camping gear, tools, books, videos, miscellaneous crafty junk. It's actually very organized- we made a point of keeping it that way and we were extremely diligent on what we put in there. Not to say we won't be donating a LOT MORE. :D  But oh how I dread dragging all that home.
     I am SOOOooo ready for Spring!  I love to walk and before we moved- I made very good use of our city's trail system.  Ironically it was sponsored by the power company so yeah- there were giant power lines and stuff overhead, always buzzing overhead like an impish wizard.  But- needless to say- it was well kept, quiet and very beautiful despite the overhead lines. One day (probably last spring) in the parking lot on those little islands between the rows of parking near one of the trail heads I noticed these beautiful mushrooms/ toadstools (forgive me- I am NOT a botanist)

The ones that were hadn't opened were SO vibrant!  There were so many! Some were more orange-ish- some were more red.  Some were absolutely HUGE!!! I was so entranced by them. I could just picture little gnomes and fairies running about. Which makes me even MORE excited for SPRING!!! I wanna make a fairy garden!

 Here's a bit of Photoshop magic- poorly done. I only have Elements and it's not as sophisticated as the real thing. But you get the idea of the big rolling hills and there is even a lake to the right beyond the tree line.

Needless to say- these are no longer my stomping, er... walking grounds. I only have to go out my front door and down a bit to get to nature. The below pics were during the last snow we had a few weeks ago. Where I am currently, snow tends to be short lived with a few exceptions.

It made for a pretty back drop. But- Brrrr.... just thinking about that is making we wish for Spring to HURRY up and get here.

Now, my desk is clean but I am still surrounded by towers of boxes. I am hoping to tackle some of that today because I have a few new swaps I signed up for (hoping to get me motivated to get my creative space in order) and I need to get busy!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

I hate Comcast

Pure and Simple- I hate Comcast. The most worthless piece of crap company on the effing planet.
There- it feels good to say that.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Hackers gonna Hack

    So this is supposed to be a blog about my creativity- but social media IS a source for my creative muse, today- THAT is the common thread. This is just a reminder to people not to get complacent about your accounts- be it Twitter, Facebook, forums log ins, emails, etc. Change you passwords regularly. Avoid too much of a trail to one account or linking Pinterest to Facebook or using the log in with Facebook feature.
    My Pinterest account was just hacked- I noticed I had an odd post that linked to Facebook that I could NOT have posted. I went to Pinterest- luckily they have features that put your account in safe mode. But I have deactivated my Pinterest account for the short term. Or at least until I have withdrawal symptoms. lol Good news is that it will be reestablished when I do reactivate. :D
    The irritating thing is that I'm sick of having to change my darn password(s) all the freakin' time! I have a hard enough time remembering one or two- let alone- half a dozen and then changing them. I even have a physical notebook I have my passwords in- but I can't find it half the time...  *maniacal laugh*

    What happened to the simple days? Remember back in Kindergarten when you got a hand full of fruit loops for reciting your home phone number and address?  Nowadays, fruit loops are probably banned and reciting the latter in class probably violates privacy.

     When did things get some complicated? I just want to browse some eye candy and share what I make and get inspired by what other people have done. Why do hackers wanna hack? I know I wanna hack off something if I ever encountered them. However they are probably overseas or such. I mean seriously. It's crap like this that make me wanna pull up stakes and go live in a freakin' cave. Be a hermit, not the
Uni-Bomber kind, but more of  "My side of the Mountain" kind.  I'm mostly anti-human anyway.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

My love/hate relationship with Technology

     I am not techno-savvy in the least. But here's a lesson for you- ANY time you move and have email through your cable company, BE AWARE! That when the rude techs are in a hurry and decide to disregard your comment regarding existing accounts (and current username and password) and proceed to set up your cable as a NEW account instead of a TRANSFER- BE AWARE! Because the username and password they had didn't work or they didn't bother to confirm anything until AFTER the fact.  Because if the rude tech does that- you will lose all existing email accounts- 2 weeks after the fact. Without even knowing this took place- because who would have thought that would happen? So this blog- is tied to THAT email- I HATE having multiple emails- even though I have a few Gmail addies that I don't even frequent. Regardless- the one YAHOO account is somehow to tied to ANOTHER account and can't be used as back up on this one. I just don't have the patience to unlink it to mysterious other account and establish a new one and all that crap.
       Seriously Technology Fairies...WTF?!!!

So as I wait to untangle the web that my Comcast email tangled with and wait for Comcast to re-instate it- I wait... and wait some more.
any comments on this blog- from here until Comcast F&^%%HEADS get it reinstated will most likely bounce back. I'm rubber, you're glue- I'd LOVE to tell COMCAST *#%@# YOU!

Ugh... technology.

Oh Bead Soup... the one last strand I can't untangle to my Comcast email. The one that matters. Hopefully email will be back up and running in time before partners is sent out.

Any questions- send to my argh... Yahoo account I've had for good grief... probably decades...ack.. dependable yet hack ridden Yahoo account. *sigh*

turtle5230 (at) yahoo (dot) com

***UPDATE***  as of 2/21/14 Finally got my Comcast email back and everything is was still there! I didn't lose anything except my sanity. Hubby was diligent about calling and finally got someone that actually knew how to push the email back into existence.

Monday, February 10, 2014

The little bead that could

     So I thought between my computer crashing a few months back and my phone crapping out that I had lost photos of previous little treasures I created. Thankfully, I had managed to sync some photos to FaceBook from my phone. I squealed with joy when I found them. For the sake of making continuing this blog and making another post, here ya go.
     Please have it known this post is a little photo heavy. :D  No... I am NOT a professional photographer, just in case the amazing and inconsistent size and layout astounds and inspires you.  (sarcasm) I can't find my photo editing CD to re install since my computer crashed and we moved. blah blah blah
    This was my first bracelet that I made using a bag of old jewelry I found at the junk store. I love the pale greens and clear glass beads.

These washers were my first results using plain old washers from the hardware store and covering with resin.

These are a few examples for a monthly color swap in an online group I participate in. 
 Here are some other pieces I created for various charm swaps.


This concludes this installment of schtuff I've made. :D

Saturday, February 8, 2014


     So the running joke in my house is that I yell "SOOOOUP!" when dinner is ready, regardless of what dinner consists of. Yeah, silly but it works. It even makes me smile a little. Fun stuff, eh?  Moving on to the good stuff.  I will add that my studio is still a mountain of moving boxes. We also had to hurry and restock our pantry and fridge because of the impending snow we were due (it's snowing now- expecting 1-2")  BUT... my desk is set up and CLEAN!!! For now... but most important?  IT'S BEAD SOUP TIME!!! Well... almost. It's not quite 8pm west coast time and I thought it was today (probably because it's the 8th annual bead soup, and today is the 8th) and then I went and looked and it's actually the 9th!  (I haven't known what day it is since we moved last Saturday)  But... sign up goes active at midnight EST and that means in a few hours here on the west coast.   YAY!!!

     Honestly- I'm kinda nervous. What if I get a schmoe or flake?  What if my selection that I send is not good enough for my recipient and they complain? What if I get crap?  I dunno- I think the potential fun outweighs the bad on this but it's still there in the back of my head.
     I'm still contemplating joining but I think it will be too much fun to miss and a great opportunity to try my hand at actual wearable piece and fun to create using someone else's selections.  I'm a little behind- probably should have posted the badge sooner. Hey! I still have moving boxes EVERYWHERE and I can't even find a tiny screwdriver to secure the toilet paper roll dispenser (stupid set screws) in my bathroom.   But oh yeah! I will suck it up and make sure I sign up at midnight!!! or 9pm west coast. (if that's how it works)


Random Photo: Chancey