Saturday, January 18, 2014

It all started with soup...

     So someone (Thanks Bev!) told me to just make a post to get this blog thing rolling. Nothing fancy, simple, a few words, that's it. So here it is.  I've attempted to blog many times, I've had this blog for about 4 years. I think I start it once a year, maybe get up to 3-4 posts, then it falls to the wayside and poof... neglect. I generally delete it all once I restart.
     So this time when I was chatting with some web buddies from a creative group, one of the ladies mentioned bead soup.  I was instantly intrigued. Apparently there is a lady that organizes a massive bead soup swap, she even wrote a book about it and the jewelry people created.  Something pulled from your hoarded bead, wire, trinket and charm treasures, leftovers, a focal bead, a fancy toggle, and some coordinated beads, not cast offs, but something you yourself would want to receive, you send to an assigned partner and they create something out of it. It's a challenge, there are deadlines, ooooh creative pressure!  I was impressed. It was love at first sight. If you do a search for "Beadsoup" on Pinterest or Google- you will get TONS of visual inspiration and I was hooked immediately.  So, back to the bead soup swap. The main thing is in order to participate you have to have a blog. Well, what other inspiration do I need?  Motivation to get this blog thing going again, and explore this Bead Soup  thing.
         Oh and just so you know- the name of my blog comes from my love of turtles and well, turtle soup is always funny especially if you love turtles, and is pure coincidence it has the word soup in it in relation to the Bead Soup inspiration. Maybe it was destiny. :D My best friend Denise tells me I'm funny, so I'll go with that.
     Here's a few more details about my newbie blog. I'm grammatically challenged, I can write the world's longest run on sentence. I am not consistent and tend to capitalize the wrong words in  the middle of a sentence. I am not an expert at anything. But I love it all. I will try anything at least once, if not twice, third times a charm. My creative endeavors/blunders are simply my pursuit of balance in my life. I do not have a professional camera. I'm still limping through trying to change the graphics on this blog to customize it. But for once, I actually feel up to the challenge and learning all about the blogging world.
      Just for the hell of it- here are some random pictures of my sweet dog, Chancey.

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  1. YAY! Now don't delete your post. I will be checking up on you! LOL! I don't have a professional camera either - your pics are just fine! Keep on posting!