Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goose Egg

 Yeah, I got nothin'.

     So living in a basement apartment during the winter has one advantage... well insulated, haven't had to turn the heat on much. Living there during a Pacific Northwest winter?  Life altering and not in a good way. I'm talking, typical gray and wet winter which I have acclimated to but having very little natural light coming into your living space sucks... AND... while our back patio opens to ground level - there is a thick layer of tall evergreens that pretty much make it look like dusk even on a sunny day. While we are set to close NEXT Wednesday and MOVING day the following Saturday (February 2nd), it's still a good week and half away.
      Here are a few of the swaps I've just sent out- I still have one in the hatch- just have to remember to take one out of it's baggie and take a pic of it before it goes postal. Please enjoy my professionally executed photos for what they are... seriously- no natural light exists here.  These are all Valentine's Day themed in colors.  

     The first one is a banner/pennant swap. Size constraints meant no bigger than 4" long, typical colors...etc and include holes to attach charms and obviously hang.

     The dangles down below were fun and being as I LOVE Valentine's Day I enjoyed making these. I completed the pale pink one weeks ago. Simple, sweet and pink. Need I say more? The red and aqua one is the 3rd attempt at my second set.  My first attempt I had started with gusto- painting little wooden hearts pink and distressing the edges with brown. The painting turned out great, drill a hole, add some sparkly glass beads- badda boom bada bing. HA HA HA Ha!  Yeah, another drawback to living in an apartment in the winter, no where to spray coat a clear sealer.Yes, I have a patio that opens up to the ground level, but having witnessed horrible things that get expunged from the apartment balcony above us (I will spare the details- but imagine a bunch of 20-something drunken party animals) I was too grossed out to use our little patio let alone leave things out to dry or air out that I had sprayed. Probably a wise decision.  So, I went with a brush on. Yeah... it turned out HORRIBLE! Gloopy, gloppy insanity and way too shiny. Ugh. Attempt #2, I took the cutest little tiny round vials and filled with a Valentine mix of colored microbeads. I think THAT was my first problem. I should have went with a solid color. Too distracting and I had already drilled the corks and added the eye pin. That stalled shortly after staring at it for 2 weeks came up empty and proceeded to attempt #3.  

     Enter the cute aqua bead (or is it turquoise?) ANYHOW... the little aqua cube looked adorable with the red heart bead on top. Simple, kinda whimsical, but seeing how I tried to over-complicate the process twice before- 3rd time's a charm worked for me! It worked and hopefully not too far fetched of color combo. I do not think the photos do these cuties justice. I even sent several of the red and turquoise one to friends for Valentine's Day. It just evokes a little whimsy, not sure why.

So that's that. :D   Oooooh 3 posts! I'm on a roll...white or wheat?  ;)

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  1. Yay, finally a creation post! Love the banner and your 3rd times a charm heart charm. Keep rollin'.....