Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Day of the Rest of My life

     It is with great excitement I can almost call ourselves homeowners, almost 5 months to the day  after we sold and closed on our previous house. After living in a basement/dungeon apartment for the last 5 months we will finally close today at 3pm and since we signed the paperwork on Saturday, we will get the keys to our brand new home today after our final walk through.

Holy Gorgonzola Cheeseballs Batman!

A yard, a pantry and HELLO! a #$@$%@ garage! Oh and not having party hard 20-somethings above us- PRICELESS!!!  Just in time for SUPERBOWL  (like I give a rat's left butt cheek) regardless of the Seahawk's (local team). I wanna put on the record that the BRONCO's will skunk the Seahawks and end up winning by at least 23 pts.  (ha ha ha ha)

I'm at that point in packing, where moving day is Saturday and there is only so much packing you can do until the day before/ of  moving. But that's okay, because I am so @$%@&@!! excited. I know the next week will exhausting. But so worth it.

 Signing off for now- next time I write a post I will be in my new craft den/space/cave/hovel.


  1. So glad to hear you will be moved in soon! But soooo sorry your Broncos got their butts handed to them on a silver platter! :(

    1. Yeah... it was insane out there and we are 40 miles south of Seattle! Every intersection was a bunch of honking screaming people. Our little neighborhood (new one) :D was all airhorns, fireworks and screaming. It was fun to see that and not necessarily be subjected to it because of the upstairs apartment... NO more upstairs neighbors!!! :D