Wednesday, January 29, 2014

First Day of the Rest of My life

     It is with great excitement I can almost call ourselves homeowners, almost 5 months to the day  after we sold and closed on our previous house. After living in a basement/dungeon apartment for the last 5 months we will finally close today at 3pm and since we signed the paperwork on Saturday, we will get the keys to our brand new home today after our final walk through.

Holy Gorgonzola Cheeseballs Batman!

A yard, a pantry and HELLO! a #$@$%@ garage! Oh and not having party hard 20-somethings above us- PRICELESS!!!  Just in time for SUPERBOWL  (like I give a rat's left butt cheek) regardless of the Seahawk's (local team). I wanna put on the record that the BRONCO's will skunk the Seahawks and end up winning by at least 23 pts.  (ha ha ha ha)

I'm at that point in packing, where moving day is Saturday and there is only so much packing you can do until the day before/ of  moving. But that's okay, because I am so @$%@&@!! excited. I know the next week will exhausting. But so worth it.

 Signing off for now- next time I write a post I will be in my new craft den/space/cave/hovel.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Beware of silver linings...

      Consider yourself warned, if you do not like the occasional posts that lean toward the soupy,sappy, life revelations, (Dare I say "Aha! Moments"?) and self-validating posts because it's therapeutic and cathartic for the author- please read something else.

*** Life Vent/Ramble/TMI*** Alert

        So I knew "life" details would creep into this blog.   But life is the ying to my creative yang. The last 3 or so years have been about finding that balance of work, play, life, etc., and to say I have learned a lot is a MASSIVE understatement. I had originally quit my job almost 2 years ago to help get our house ready for the market.(FYI- it's sold, life is great- the BIG move into the new house is in a week) It just made sense at the time and it still does. I have embraced something that I never in a million years would have guessed.. being a stay at home wife. Yep- you got that right, "just a wife", we don't even have kids yet, *insert GASP!*. You know what?  I LOVE it. I love knowing that I don't have to log 40 hours at a job I loved, but still caused unbalance in my life and then come home and cook dinner, clean, etc. I love that I can have a clean house despite the cat hair.  I LOVE being home when my husband gets home, before I quit, he was home first. Who cares right? Yeah, well that meant he cooked, and dirtied every dish (bless his heart). I love having the energy to get out of bed at the crack of dawn and cook my non-breakfast eating husband a breakfast on a weekday (sheer madness, I tell ya!), just because I can. It solved so many stresses in my life. If you've ever had a job you absolutely LOVED or even a toxic friend that you didn't have a bad time with per say, but something wasn't quite right. That was my job.
 'Nuf said.

    I worry though, probably too much, over silly stuff.  I have to stop giving a rat's left butt cheek about what other people think about things they have NOTHING to do with.  My husband and I made the choice together.  My husband is a swell guy. He's very traditional but not in a sexist way. We did what was best for us. He just wanted me to be happy, be creative, love life, love him. Happy Wife, Happy Life eh? I love it, I really do, it is my silver lining. With any decision and afterthought, the things that run through my head run the full gamut of quandary.  Have I digressed my female role in the career world because I have willingly embraced the homemaker? My generation was very post-feminine rights. I was strong, I was smart, I could go to college and get a higher education. (whoop-di-do- again- another post- ha!)  How will I ever get another job that rivals the good challenges at previous job?  What if I am unable to tolerate all the other idiots in the world I would be forced to work with and hereby deemed "unemployable".  I have come to the conclusion that if any- the latter point would be the only valid concern. ha ha ha

     Oh and while I have been told it's mostly in my head, this part is very real...Do I get a lot of flack? Yes sir-ree Bob.  Questions range from : Why wouldn't you wanna work and bring home a paycheck, money is always good, right? Are you sick or disabled? What kind of job are you looking for? ARE you looking for a job?  These questions come at me in just basic convo, without even initiating work related chat- must be standard chat fodder. Just basic nosy people asking basic nosy questions for whatever reason.  I am privately thinking... "listen honey- my mother was THE neighborhood gossip, I can see through your delicate lattice of questions." (not that I'm dissin' my ma, she is just one hell of a busy body) Which brings me to another thing, I find that I sometimes don't engage people ENOUGH because my mother was the gossip and I have a tendency to come across as aloof, when really I'm just afraid of being labeled "nosy".

It's a weird world. Everything has a season, everything has a reason.
Where was I? oh yeah...The silver lining of being a SAHW.  Sometimes, if I'm feeling ornery, I tell people I'm a stay at home dog mom. heh heh heh

My point about Silver linings?  Beware of them, sometimes there are traces of lead based paint in those silver linings. But as long as you don't lick them- you're okay.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Goose Egg

 Yeah, I got nothin'.

     So living in a basement apartment during the winter has one advantage... well insulated, haven't had to turn the heat on much. Living there during a Pacific Northwest winter?  Life altering and not in a good way. I'm talking, typical gray and wet winter which I have acclimated to but having very little natural light coming into your living space sucks... AND... while our back patio opens to ground level - there is a thick layer of tall evergreens that pretty much make it look like dusk even on a sunny day. While we are set to close NEXT Wednesday and MOVING day the following Saturday (February 2nd), it's still a good week and half away.
      Here are a few of the swaps I've just sent out- I still have one in the hatch- just have to remember to take one out of it's baggie and take a pic of it before it goes postal. Please enjoy my professionally executed photos for what they are... seriously- no natural light exists here.  These are all Valentine's Day themed in colors.  

     The first one is a banner/pennant swap. Size constraints meant no bigger than 4" long, typical colors...etc and include holes to attach charms and obviously hang.

     The dangles down below were fun and being as I LOVE Valentine's Day I enjoyed making these. I completed the pale pink one weeks ago. Simple, sweet and pink. Need I say more? The red and aqua one is the 3rd attempt at my second set.  My first attempt I had started with gusto- painting little wooden hearts pink and distressing the edges with brown. The painting turned out great, drill a hole, add some sparkly glass beads- badda boom bada bing. HA HA HA Ha!  Yeah, another drawback to living in an apartment in the winter, no where to spray coat a clear sealer.Yes, I have a patio that opens up to the ground level, but having witnessed horrible things that get expunged from the apartment balcony above us (I will spare the details- but imagine a bunch of 20-something drunken party animals) I was too grossed out to use our little patio let alone leave things out to dry or air out that I had sprayed. Probably a wise decision.  So, I went with a brush on. Yeah... it turned out HORRIBLE! Gloopy, gloppy insanity and way too shiny. Ugh. Attempt #2, I took the cutest little tiny round vials and filled with a Valentine mix of colored microbeads. I think THAT was my first problem. I should have went with a solid color. Too distracting and I had already drilled the corks and added the eye pin. That stalled shortly after staring at it for 2 weeks came up empty and proceeded to attempt #3.  

     Enter the cute aqua bead (or is it turquoise?) ANYHOW... the little aqua cube looked adorable with the red heart bead on top. Simple, kinda whimsical, but seeing how I tried to over-complicate the process twice before- 3rd time's a charm worked for me! It worked and hopefully not too far fetched of color combo. I do not think the photos do these cuties justice. I even sent several of the red and turquoise one to friends for Valentine's Day. It just evokes a little whimsy, not sure why.

So that's that. :D   Oooooh 3 posts! I'm on a roll...white or wheat?  ;)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sleepless just south of Seattle...Meh...

     I do love that movie, "Sleepless in Seattle". I love Tom Hanks (who doesn't?) and of course Meg Ryan and her lovely smile. Such a feel good movie. Warms the heart, wets your eyes a bit. Doesn't change the fact I sit typing this at 2 a.m. in the morning. Why? Well, I am married so I don't need to listen to love lines on the radio. But I do have a husband who snores like a washing machine with a clogged hose,(you know the sound it makes when the water is draining?) upstairs neighbors who like to party hard and party loud on Saturday nights and an impending move that is looming upon me in 2 weeks. Plus I'm on book 3 of "Anne of Green Gables" (which I believe is "Anne of the Island") so my mind is full of heartfelt poetic and flowery words and wondering about my "kindred spirits".  Then, on occasion I have Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen traipsing through my head. That turns into that blasted "What does the Fox Say?" and THEN I go to YouTube and watch the Screaming Goats compilation followed by something called funny animal noises and it's downhill from there, usually ending with a profane parrot that simply squawks 'WTF?" with such fervor it's all I can do to keep from laughing so hard I might have just once nearly wet myself.
     Sooooo... Here I be at 2 a.m. writing all the random $&#@$ that runs through my brain preventing a beloved state of slumber. And no, I do not have ADHD. I am as normal, average, blah blah blah as it gets. I just have a lot on my blessed plate at the moment.  I am quite shy and extremely introverted, most people do not believe that when I say that but it's true. The anonymity of the internet is quite vexing (vocabulary courtesy of Anne). Probably didn't use that in the right context, but I don't care- I need sleep.  But I am a survivor.  I have spent the last 4-5 months in a basement apartment awaiting our house to be completed, and doing this during... wait for it... a Pacific Northwest Winter..   So take a dark and dismal (albeit comfortably plain and adequate) basement apartment and top that with the wettest and darkest part of the year in the Pacific Northwest. Ugh... It has not been kind to my circadian rhythm. Hence the longest streak of insomnia yet.  2 more weeks. 2 more weeks. I am blessed to have such horrid "problems".  But oh how I wish it was 3 weeks from now.  :D So I will drink my tea, it doesn't even matter if it's caffeinated at this point. Last night I drank coffee well after 1 in the morning and was able to finally get to sleep around 3 a.m.
 Here again are some random photos...the more random the better.
My favorite water spot at Dash Point Pier

White Queso Shark found in San Diego
Chihuly Garden of Glass with a view of the Space Needle

Elusive North American Traffic Cone being bred in captivity at the Point Defiance Zoo.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

It all started with soup...

     So someone (Thanks Bev!) told me to just make a post to get this blog thing rolling. Nothing fancy, simple, a few words, that's it. So here it is.  I've attempted to blog many times, I've had this blog for about 4 years. I think I start it once a year, maybe get up to 3-4 posts, then it falls to the wayside and poof... neglect. I generally delete it all once I restart.
     So this time when I was chatting with some web buddies from a creative group, one of the ladies mentioned bead soup.  I was instantly intrigued. Apparently there is a lady that organizes a massive bead soup swap, she even wrote a book about it and the jewelry people created.  Something pulled from your hoarded bead, wire, trinket and charm treasures, leftovers, a focal bead, a fancy toggle, and some coordinated beads, not cast offs, but something you yourself would want to receive, you send to an assigned partner and they create something out of it. It's a challenge, there are deadlines, ooooh creative pressure!  I was impressed. It was love at first sight. If you do a search for "Beadsoup" on Pinterest or Google- you will get TONS of visual inspiration and I was hooked immediately.  So, back to the bead soup swap. The main thing is in order to participate you have to have a blog. Well, what other inspiration do I need?  Motivation to get this blog thing going again, and explore this Bead Soup  thing.
         Oh and just so you know- the name of my blog comes from my love of turtles and well, turtle soup is always funny especially if you love turtles, and is pure coincidence it has the word soup in it in relation to the Bead Soup inspiration. Maybe it was destiny. :D My best friend Denise tells me I'm funny, so I'll go with that.
     Here's a few more details about my newbie blog. I'm grammatically challenged, I can write the world's longest run on sentence. I am not consistent and tend to capitalize the wrong words in  the middle of a sentence. I am not an expert at anything. But I love it all. I will try anything at least once, if not twice, third times a charm. My creative endeavors/blunders are simply my pursuit of balance in my life. I do not have a professional camera. I'm still limping through trying to change the graphics on this blog to customize it. But for once, I actually feel up to the challenge and learning all about the blogging world.
      Just for the hell of it- here are some random pictures of my sweet dog, Chancey.